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Violin Programs for All Ages

Pre-Twinkle Violin

For preschool and early elementary school beginners beginning to learn the language of music.

K-12 Students

Programs for students to develop musical literacy, technique and musicality.


You're never too old find the joy in music. Custom lessons tailored to your level.

Playing Together

K-12 Students, February 2020, St. Marks

Student recital

About Miss Diane

Miss Diane

Miss Diane grew up in the pre-Suzuki era of violin instruction and well before the Kodaly approach to music literacy made its way into this country. ¬†Amazingly she learned how to play the violin anyway, and along the way developed a passion for teaching others…


Recital in Pomona with Carol Hendrixson, 1st part, Feb. 1997

Beethoven – Sonata in A major, Op. 12, No. 2 Schumann – Marchenbilder (viola)

Recital with Carol Hendrixson, 2nd part, Feb. 1997

Continuation of Marchenbilder from Part 1, Marais – Five Old French Dances, Saint-Saens – Sonata No. 1 in D minor

Recital with Carol Hendrixson, 3rd part, Feb. 1997

Continuation of Saint-Seans from Part 2

Scale for Variation A

Twinkle Variation A

Scale for Variation B

Twinkle Variation B

Scale for Variation C

Twinkle Variation C