Adult  Violin Lessons

The best medicine for a mature brain is to use it for learning new skills, especially if they are difficult.  With all of the new knowledge about the incredible plasticity of the brain, we now know that one can learn skills, even learning to play the difficult stringed instruments as an adult. 

I really enjoy working with my very interesting adult students who are making music a vital part of their busy lives.  They are an intergal part of the Conservatory and a marvelous support and inspiration for the younger students.

Adult students in the Conservatory take one private lesson each week, usually 60 minutes.  In addition to the private lesson, adults are welcome to attend Saturday workshops where they practice with other students (usually much younger) at their level.  Adult students are welcome but not required to join with the younger students in public performances.  Performance opportunities include two solo recitals and one ensemble concert each year.  We will also play at the Atterdag Village in December and present a Christmas Concert.

Introduction to Violin

A One-Week Course for All Ages

In just 5 one-hour classes you will be able to:

  • Hold the instrument
  • Produce a good tone with the bow
  • Place your fingers
  • Play the first piece in the Suzuki Repertoire! 

The first step in investigating this program is to come and observe a lesson or group class.


  • One 60 minute lesson per week.
  • Saturday workshops (optional)
  • Performances (optional)


  • Violin
  • Music and Books



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