Main Goal

To be a competent amateur musician by high school graduation – able to play standard string quartet literature.  This level of achievement would be fine for a music minor in college and shows a strong commitment to an artistic endeavor over a long period of time.

Group B – 3rd grade

Group C – 4th grade

Group D – 5th grade

Group E – 7th grade

Group F – 9th grade

Easier Goal

To be able to play Baroque trio sonatas by high school graduation.  This would not qualify you as a music minor, or as having made sufficient progress for a strong letter of recommendation for your college application.

Group B – 3rd grade

Group C – 5th grade

Group D – 7th grade

Group E – 11th grade

Basic Competency Goal

To be able to read simple music accurately, with good intonation, and good musical expression.  Allows you to play simple folk music, church music, and duet literature.

Group B – 5th grade

Group C – 7th grade

Group D – 9th grade

Music Major Program

To enter a major conservatory as a violin performance major

Group B – 1st grade

Group C – 2nd grade

Group D – 3rd grade

Group E – 5th grade

Group F – 7th grade

Music Major Pedagogy – 10th grade

Child Prodigy

know entire music major program by age 12